Bonds that Build Homes

Join our 2018 Legislative Campaign, "Bonds that Build Homes." 


Call your elected officials TODAY for #BondsThatBuildHomes!


URGENT: It’s time to get on the phone!

Things are moving quickly with the state bonding bill, and with just days left until the session ends we need your action NOW to support #BondsThatBuildHomes. Call your legislators and the governor TODAY and urge their strong support for $130 million for critical housing investments across the state. Both the House and the Senate bills currently include far less than we need for affordable homes, but there’s still time to make a difference. With your call, make SURE a strong commitment to housing is included in the final bill!

Three easy steps to take action:

  1. Contact your Senator (click here to find who represents you)
  2. Contact your Representative (click here to find who represents you)
  3. Contact Governor Dayton (click here to fill out an email or call (651) 201-3400)

Suggested script: My name is [your name] and I live in [your city], I’m a member of [your congregation], part of Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative. As a Homes for All supporter, I'm calling in the last days of session to urge your strong support of critical housing investments across Minnesota.In addition to the $50M set-aside for permanent supportive housing for Minnesotans with behavioral health needs included in the Senate bonding bill, please work with leadership and your colleagues on the conference committee to increase Housing Infrastructure Bonds to $50M and increase the General Obligation bonds for public housing preservation to $30M.


Thank you for taking action today!

Help us track our impact: notify Kristin once you’ve contacted your lawmakers.




Why are we asking for less?

Beacon has worked closely with Homes for All, a state-wide coalition of nonprofits, to define what we asked our leaders to allocate toward affordable housing through the bonding bill. Homes for All has determined that our original $140 million request will not be met. While we are deeply disappointed with the legislature in this regard, we are grateful to Homes for All as they assess the best paths to securing as much funding for homes as possible. 


Why do we need bonding dollars to build homes? 
  • 100,000 households in the Twin Cities metro area spend more than 50% of their hard-earned income toward home
  • More than 20,000 of these families, young adults, seniors, and others fall into homelessness each year
  • Passing a bonding bill is the single best way to get more affordable homes built - homes such as 66 West and Prior Crossing

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Beacon congregations build relationships within their congregations, with leaders and advocates in other congregations, and with their elected officials to influence public policies and funding for programs, services and buildings that build homes. Together we say that all people deserve a home that's affordable and safe.