Be an advocate

Beacon Citizens are disappointed, to say the least: The 2016 session ended May 23 with NO funding for housing in the bonding bill.
At Monday's press event, the Governor said he was open to calling a special session to work on and pass a bonding bill. 
Please make 5 quick phone calls to ask for a special session. Call the elected leaders listed below with the following message:
Hi, my name is _________. I'm a Beacon Citizen and I live in ______________. I'm asking you to support the call for a special session of the legislature to pass a bonding bill with a strong investment in housing. Minnesota families can't wait to have their housing needs met. Thank you!
  • Governor Mark Dayton: (651) 201-3400
  • Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt: (651) 296-5364
  • Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk: (651) 296-8881
  • House Minority Leader Paul Thissen: (651) 296-5375
  • Senate Minority Leader David Hann: (651) 296-1749
Please call now, and then email Kat Vann to let her know you've called
Other news to report
Funding for the Homeless Youth Act, one of our advocacy priorities, is part of the supplemental budget awaiting Governor Dayton's signature: $33,000 in 2017 funds, and $2.9 million for 2018-2019. We're encouraged to see funding included, and will keep working for adequate supportive services for youth. 
While we're disappointed that a bonding bill didn't pass during session, we know that our work isn't over. As Beacon Citizens and congregations, we'll continue to be a powerful voice calling for action, and we know that our work will carry on into future campaigns. Thank you for stepping up for people who need a place to call home. 
On Twitter? So are we @BelieveInHome - and you can use these hashtags when you share about your advocacy: