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Be a Beacon Citizen
November 20, 2012

We know how to end homelessness.

Yet our communities simply haven’t prioritized public and private resources to get the job done.

Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative is committed to providing meaningful opportunities for our congregations to participate in collective action that will help elected officials and communities make ending homelessness a priority.

Here’s our promise to you: You participate as an individual / congregation in Beacon advocacy, we’ll let you know the impact your actions are having as the process unfolds. We’ll help you understand the impact you are having – as an individual, as a congregation, and as part of an interfaith (50+ congregation) effort. We will do this through the monthly Beacon Citizen Report. This report will be sent in email form each month to all Beacon Citizens. Our Advocacy Coordinator will quantify the actions completed and analyze their impact in order to help you understand the collective power of your work and to foster a sense of community and group purpose.

Become a Beacon Citizen.

We invite you to take part in one predetermined, collective action each month (e.g. talk to family, friends, and / or neighbors why ending homelessness is important to you, email an elected official, attend a lobby day). Beacon will stay in touch with you to let you know when and how you can make an impact by phone calls, letters, emails or, when the time is right, visits to the Capitol.

For more information about our advocacy program please contact Michael Dahl, Advocacy Coordinator, at 651-789-6260 ext 221 or mdahl@porticocollaborative.org