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On A Better Path
May 14, 2018

Note: The following is a speech by Marcus Mathis, on staff with Better Futures Minnesota and a former participant.  He spoke at the Groundbreaking of Great River Landing on Thursday, May 3.

Good evening everyone, my name is Marcus. I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to share my journey. A little history about myself, I've been with Better Futures since 2011 and they have helped me a lot. I've worked with the life coaches and tried to understand how to be a better person and a better man, resulting in more ups than downs. Better Futures has helped me understand that there's a better way to ask for understanding and not just help. My job is to work with the participants to get them on a better path to start working in the community and to understand that work leads to bettering themselves while getting further in life.

We want the men to reach their potential in life. 

Better Futures has helped me with housing too. Just think about a man who never had his own place to call home. He can enjoy his own apartment with his family and enjoying personal space. We want the men to reach their potential in life. That's what Better Futures is all about-making men better for themselves, their family and community. One thing about us, we don't judge. We try to understand ways to make the men appreciate a better life and conditions- that's what makes the world go around, believe me.

In closing, I’d like to thank Better Futures, Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative, and everyone else in support of Great River Landing. I know this will build a better future for the men we serve. My name is Marcus Mathis, thanks again.

Marcus Mathis
Marcus Mathis is a Crew Chief with Better Futures Minnesota.