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Birthday Giving
May 17, 2016

By Sakinah Mujahid  |  

Today, I had a special voicemail message waiting for me when I got in to the office:

“Hello, my daughter has collected donations for her birthday to give to Families Moving Forward. We would like to arrange a time to come by and give those to you.”  

This is Scottlynn Greer’s second time turning her birthday into an opportunity to give to others. Last year, Scottlynn (pictured, with some of the donations she collected) and her mom, Jodie Greer, went to the Hennepin program center where they received such a welcoming of their donation that Scottlynn chose to repeat the experience. This year they were super excited to find out that Families Moving Forward is now located in Chaska, which is closer to their home in Eden Prairie. 

As you can imagine, I was overjoyed by the donation to the program, but I was even more overjoyed and touched when I met Scottlynn. 

She was quiet and shy when I made small talk — what school do you go to, what grade are you in, do you like school, etc. 

However, when it came to why she was donating the items she collected for the program, she stood up nice and tall, and spoke clearly. 

“People need things to help them survive. Sharing is something we do because it makes people feel good,” she said. And, she added, it makes her feel proud because she is giving.

Once I heard that, all I could do was smile a big smile, look at her beaming mother, shake her hand, and tell her thank you from the families in the program.  

Sakinah Mujahid
Sakinah is the program manager at Families Moving Forward Southwest in Chaska.