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Birthday presents or not?
August 3, 2016

By Sakinah Mujahid  |  Birthday presents are great to receive on any given year you are celebrating, right? So who would say "no more" to receiving presents?


Well, meet Carolyn Powell, age 12, from Pioneer Ridge Middle School in Chaska.  About two years ago, she requested to no longer get birthday presents; she said she just didn't want them anymore because she realized others are in need.


She brought this up this to her grandmother Marilyn Wick of St. Hubert's Catholic Community Social Justice Committee, who mentioned Families Moving Forward. The church has been hosting families in the program from more than 10 years. (Marilyn and Carolyn are pictured above.)


Carolyn did not know much about Families Moving Forward but she eagerly learned about the program and those experiencing homelessness. Knowing that there were children possibly her age in the shelter, she was more than eager to turn away her birthday presents. 


Carolyn and her grandmother gathered up gently used toys from when she was younger, bought some items from her birthday money she’d saved and loaded them in the car to bring to Families Moving Forward Southwest. 


So far, the children in the program now have made paper airplanes, held a Hula hoop contest, and colored in the books. Carolyn is also interested in coming back to do some activities with the children before school starts. Thank you, Carolyn for your support, and Marilyn, thank you for being a leader to your granddaughter and other youth.  

Sakinah Mujahid
Sakinah is the associate program manager at Families Moving Forward Southwest.