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Blessings found everywhere
April 25, 2013

We had a beautiful surprise in the mail the Monday after A Night on the Street, our annual event where youth spent the night sleeping outdoors to homelessness. Longtime volunteer Virginia Ward had dashed off a handwritten note and sent it along with a check to support the efforts of the young people who slept out the night of April 19. Here is the story she shared:

“I was riding the bus down Lake Street and sat next to a woman who spoke to me about how cold it was. We chatted about the weather for a minute and I told her about the kids sleeping outside to raise money and consciousness about homelessness.

This lovely woman has three young children, and she showed me photos of all of them. She works nights and was on her way to work, but said she would try and watch the news to see the kids – then she said she wanted to give me a little cash to support them. She fished $6 out of her wallet. It was the only cash in there.

I was so moved by her kindness and generosity, and it certainly reminded me of our Bible story. [Ed note: The story is about a widow who gave two coins to the temple – all she had.] This morning, sitting in the sunshine of my warm apartment, I am humbled.
So here is a check – her $6 turned into $36. Blessings found everywhere.”

This is a great reminder of the power of sharing with others our passion to end homelessness. Because Virginia spoke about A Night on the Street to the woman she met on the bus, someone else learned about our work. By sharing stories, we can end homelessness, one conversation, one donation, one person at a time. 

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