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Dad of 4, 'strong conservative,' reflects on shelter experience
October 17, 2014

This father's recent letter to us says more than we ever could about our Families Moving Forward program. Josh and his family came through our FMF-SW shelter program and recently moved into their new home. 

"When our family of six was left with no more housing options and when our extended family was not there for us, Families Moving Forward was.

As a strong conservative, I was very apprehensive about using an assistance program but as the light at the end of the tunnel was always that of an oncoming train, we found ourselves with no other option.

We were nervous about entering the program as we did not know what to expect. Sakinah (FMF-SW associate program manager) was amazing at offering the help, support and direction we needed. We were beat by life with not much fight left in us, it was nice to have somebody working on our behalf and that also made us feel 'at home.'

The experiences we had at the various congregations were nice. The majority of the volunteers were wonderful and caring, sometimes offering us a break and playing with our children so we could have some down time to offering a listening ear. I expected the volunteers might be judgmental, they were not.

All in all, our experience in the program for the approximate month and a half we were there was extraordinarily positive. I learned a lot on many levels. We met some great and wonderful people not only volunteers and staff but other families as well, it was nice not to feel alone in such a stressful situation. We finally found a home with the help of FMF and Sakinah, which we are extremely grateful for. Our time and experience with Families Moving Forward will never be forgotten.

I couldn't recommend this program strongly enough for families that have found themselves 'residentially challenged.' "

We are so grateful that Josh took the time to share his thoughts, and we wish his family the very best as they settle into their new home.