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December 2017 Housing Update
December 26, 2017

Here are some housing links for your perusal for December 2017.

1.Homelessness is up this year and it's being driven by the affordable housing crisis on the West Coast.  National Public Radio has a story on this.  CBS News placed the crisis in stark relief; an English professor at a Bay Area college that has to sleep in her car.

2. In light of the passage of the Tax Bill there was fear that affordable housing would take huge hit with the elimination of  low-income housing tax credits.  Those credits were not removed, but the lower corporate tax rate might persuade companies to not use the tax credits.  Ruerters explains what could happen. The Minnesota Housing Partnership has a detailed news brief on how the Tax Cuts and Jobs act could affect affordable housing in Minnesota.

3. A new church in Minneapolis' Powderhorn neighborhood is not your typical church.  The United Methodist church plant focuses on pushing back against gentrification.  Atlantic Magazine's Citylab looks into what's going on at New City Church and interviews the pastor, Tyler Sit. Here is an excerpt: 

The gospel of de-gentrification isn’t just a strategy to snag the attention of a younger generation whom the wider church is struggling to captivate. It is a core purpose of New City Church. Besides growing a church with new converts to Christianity, the church’s central mission is to slow, stop, and even turn back the negative effects of demographic change in these urban Minneapolis communities.

To this end, the church is pursuing revenue-generating backyard farms, community-owned housing, and better policies for longtime residents—while spreading a gospel that is relevant to millennials moving in and the neighborhood’s old guard alike.

4. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton is putting together a special taskforce to look into housing.  Minnesota Public Radio  and the Minneapolis Star Tribune have the story. In a related story, Minneapolis mayor-elect Jacob Frey is also putting together a task to learn more about affordable housing.  Read the Minneapolis Star Tribune for the story.

5. Rochester is a growing city, with a population over 100,000 people.  As the Destination Medical Center takes shape bringing even more people to the area, the city is facing a housing crisis.  The Rochester Post-Bulletin shows how Mayo and City leaders are trying to address the issue. An MPR news report from the summer gives some background on the issue.

That's all for this month. See you in the new year.