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Develop good habits
January 31, 2014

This week Erik Scheurle from Edina Community Lutheran Church told our Acting on Faith gathering of 70 congregation advocacy leaders why ECLC is investing its own resources to build supportive housing for homeless youth -- and why the state should make a good habit of investing in its people by investing in their well-being through stable, affordable housing. Acting on Faith is our annual Beacon Citizen kickoff to the legislative season.

Erik's remarks in full:

We at ECLC have made a commitment to find property and build a building, to create supportive housing for homeless youth in the southwest suburbs. 

We have partnered with Beacon and all of you to make that happen. 

These kids are invisible, sleeping at a friend’s house or a garage or a porta-potty, struggling to stay in school, keep a job and care for themselves all by themselves. 

We at ECLC have also committed to be advocates to secure funding for that project, and that means $100M in bonding from the state of Minnesota this year. 

We have a powerful story to tell about homelessness and the need for affordable housing. 

Part of our calling is to share those stories with our legislators and Gov Dayton, to let them know that it is important to us that we fund this work, this year and next year and next year and next year. 

We need to create a habit of investing in our community. 

$100M is a lot of money, and can do a lot of good, and it is a good start. 

There should be no one who has to choose between rent and food and heat. 

I was at IKEA on Monday and saw a big blue button by the checkout that read: 

HOME is the most IMPORTANT place in THE WORLD. 

It is indeed. 

Beacon has a goal of engaging 3,000 people from 30 congregations to advocate for $100M in bonding from the state this year. Together we will make that happen.

[Ed. note: We are already at 1,200 Beacon Citizens and the session hasn't even started. Please join us -- it's easy to be a Beacon Citizen. You can start here by sharing three words that come to mind when you think of home.]


Erik Scheurle
Erik serves on the Beacon-Edina Community Lutheran Church Task Force that is planning supportive housing for homeless youth in the western suburbs, and he is a Beacon Citizen leader.