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Families Moving Forward: Shelter plus solutions
February 10, 2016

By Sara Kemp | Sara is a new case manager at Families Moving Forward working out of our Minneapolis program center. She shares what feels right to her about our program and how she works with families.

I’ve been working at Families Moving Forward for 90 days now. What I enjoy is the in-depth case management and spending lots of hours working with families, not only getting them into housing, but making sure once in housing they can be successful. I’ve helped with child care, school registration, health insurance and finding mental health support.

Taking families out to look at housing generates a warm feeling. For them to know that they can have their own home is very rewarding experience. What I like about Families Moving Forward is the staff collaborating together to help each family on its journey, and the support of all the congregations. It’s just amazing to me how it all works. I usually go out to visit congregations once during the week to meet the volunteers and spend some time out of the center with the families. It’s a very enjoyable experience.

FMF just doesn’t put a Band-Aid on – we look for permanent solutions that families can use throughout their lives.

Sara Kemp
Sara is a new case manager with Families Moving Forward. Her motto: "“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, and never give up!”