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Fundraising with vision
June 2, 2016

Beacon is full of fundraisers. I’ve never been involved with an organization that has more fundraisers.

I’m not talking only about those of us who make a living doing this, who call fundraising our profession. We’re a small group. I’m talking about all of the volunteers, advocates and staff who make it part of their life. They don’t all think of themselves as fundraisers, or even like to be called fundraisers, but that’s what they are and we’re very blessed to have them.

In the winter 2016 issue of Advancing Philanthropy, fundraising expert and consultant Karla A. Williams wrote:

Fundraisers “connect values with visions, ideals with ideas, aspirations with resources and problems with solutions. They facilitate discussions, stimulate dialogue and encourage discovery around purpose and meaning. They act as the middle person between dilemmas and dreams. They introduce people to people, and they align similarities with differences.”

Beacon’s people value home. We share a vision of ending homelessness. In all aspects of our work—whether in providing a meal and a bed for a homeless child or addressing postcards to elected leaders—we ask questions and share ideas and search for ways to put our faith into action.

We know the solution to homelessness is more affordable housing. And, we know that creating more affordable housing will require more resources—more voices calling for action, more hands to do the work, and more money to pay for it. And, so, we introduce people to people, inviting others into this important work and inspiring them with the dream of a community where everyone has a home.

I’m very grateful for all the Beacon fundraisers.

Laura Vitelli
Laura is Beacon's director of advancement.