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Grassroots voices heard
May 18, 2015

In these last hours of the legislative session we’re happy to see that provisions that would increase funding for services to mitigate homelessness have been approved by the Senate and House.

We know everyone’s exhausted. We know the competing claims make for tough prioritization on the part of many legislators. We know the horse trading is in full swing. And my horse and your horse are both great horses.

This is when grassroots support is so powerful.  Late-night Tweets from tired lobbyists and sleep-deprived senators acknowledge each other’s commitment to the good fight. 

Our advocacy coordinator, Michael Dahl, reports that Sen. Melisa Franzen, who represents Edina, the future home of our 66 West housing for youth who have experienced homelessness, gave kudos from the Senate floor to the grassroots supporters of the measures. (She even tagged us in her Tweet.) We – you --  lobbied hard for a $2 million increase in funding for the Homeless Youth Act, and an increase in the age of eligibility for certain programs to 24 from the current 21. Both provisions have been approved and now it’s up to Governor Dayton.

We are grateful to be part of this democratic process. We are grateful to live in a state where our voices matter and are heard. We are grateful for the elected officials who take their jobs seriously and want to make Minnesota the best it can be.