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Gratitude and God's Work
July 1, 2014

We wanted to share excerpts of a lovely letter of gratitude from a host coordinator to her congregation’s volunteers after their inaugural Families Moving Forward hosting week:


I can't tell you enough how much of a difference you all made. It was an amazing week. It was an emotional week. All of you were instrumental in pulling this week off. We learned many things about ourselves and the community. We will make a few changes next time based on our experiences this week...so thank you for being flexible and rolling with the last minute changes and additions! Your food and hospitality was a blessing to people in our community.  We operated a hotel, restaurant, day care, and offered emotional support, which was no small undertaking for any of us, but we did it graciously.'

We have much to celebrate!  We housed 18 people last week who had nowhere else to go. We had a birthday party for a little child! Our 7-member family moved into housing Thursday evening.  Our 6-member family moved into housing Saturday morning. Another family was moving into housing today. We had a new 2-member family join us Friday. They will continue in the program next week and a couple more families will start and not be living in their car, camping, or staying with random relatives or friends thanks to Families Moving Forward.

[…] Each night unfolded in a different way. We entertained kids, we unclogged toilets, we dealt with leaky roofs, we learned how to make popcorn, we comforted kids and adults, we played games, we chatted, we connected, we made a difference and gave homes!

If you were at church this morning you already heard me say this. I am not one to talk about my faith or speak about religion often. However, this week my faith really grew due to the amazing acts of God I experienced. I realized this is not in my control. There were too many coincidences of care this week. Too many incidents that didn't make sense. We did it. We were instruments of God this week. All of us. I don't say that often, as I am a pretty scientific, logical person, but I know that God used us this week to get His work done.  I really believe that.

Enjoy your week knowing that you were important last week and made a difference for someone in this world.  

In peace,


Katie Firman
Katie Firman is a Families Moving Forward host coordinator at Crown of Glory Lutheran Church, Chaska. In that role she organizes congregation members to provide meals, hospitality and shelter to families experiencing homelessness.