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Heart and Home
August 15, 2017

At first glance, Tammi Lewis is an unlikely person to be homeless.  She makes a good salary  as a nursing assistant.  But, she also has two evictions on her rental history which kept her from finding a home.  It didn’t matter that she was able to make the required double deposit. It didn’t matter that she was employed with sufficient income to pay the rent.  Because of her  past mistakes, she and her children  were unable to rent a place to live.

In a recent meeting, Tammi shared that she was homeless once before and was able to find a place to live. This should have been the end of the story, but it wasn’t- her nightmare was just beginning.

“Oh my God,” she said as she remembered her time in an apartment building located in the Northwest suburbs. It turned out that apartment complex was in horrible shape. “It was the worst apartment you could think of,” she said. 

 Tammi felt like she had to get her children out of there when her lease was up, but she wasn’t able to find another landlord who would rent to her. Tammi spent four months at Families Moving Forward Hennepin looking for a new place. After weeks of searching, FMF Case Assistant Terry Brown found an apartment management company that would review her application.  She was accepted and  moved in on July 21.

After denial after denial, Tammi sees finally finding a place for her and her two children through the work of Families Moving Forward as a divine event.  “Nothing but God,” she said.

Dennis Sanders
Dennis Sanders is the Content Specialist for Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative.