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Homeless: In their words
May 26, 2016

People seeking shelter or home write emails to Beacon on a regular basis seeking leads. Some are terse, others reveal details of their situation or a sense of desperation. They come from moms, dads, youth, seniors, concerned relatives or social workers. The need is dire, the availability is scarce. These are the people for whom your donations, advocacy and volunteering can make a difference.

In their own words, a sampling of emails in our inbox:

  • Need to know if you have any openings. Family of three getting evicted with nowhere to go. have a two year old boy.  Number is 651-xxx-xxxx. Ask for Khristina
  • Currently I am staying in home free shelter. Unfortunately myself and my two daughters have to leave here on Monday. .. Since the beginning of the summer we have been basically homeless due to domestic issues we had to leave my dads home. My husband was causing non stop issues and so we have been place to place, honestly we are worn out from moving around and just want stability and really need someone to give me a chance! Please help us!!!
  • Please get back to me about information on available one bedrooms for rent. Thank you
  • Hi. I am helping my sister and her family in their search for housing. They are currently living in a rooming house and are looking for permanent housing. The owner of the house is being foreclosed and they have to move by May 1.They can afford $650 a month. Thanks for any resources you can share.
  • Looking for shelter for myself and 3 kids
  • I am having a hard time finding a place to call home for my fiance and our 3 children the oldest is autistic and our youngest was born deaf in her right ear.
  • Looking for housing options for my daughter and myself.
  • im  in  need of help  for me and  my family  I have  to move  out  of my current place  by 5/31  my house will not  be avail  till 07/01 so  for  30 days  we will be  without  housing , I don't know what  to do  can you please help  us . the only  other option  I have is for  us to live out  of my car for 30 days
  • Currently homeless family of 7 !!! Need help with housing ASAP.
  • I need housing for me and my family.
  • having a very hard time trying to find a place to move by 6/1/16. have nowhere to go. Please help.