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I have a cool job
November 20, 2012


Today I got the coolest text from my friend Fred: “Hi -- apartment 122 has been reserved for me!  I’m excited. Thank you so much.  God is good.  Fred”

Fred was thanking me because I passed along a tip that a brand new apartment building for seniors living on not a lot of money would be opening this fall, Riverview Apartments. 

Fred lives in a larger apartment building with such poor ventilation that he always smells like smoke, even though he himself doesn’t smoke.  When he comes to stay for a few days at our place, he tells me that he always begins to breathe better and sleep better immediately!  And that has so many implications for his health.  I’m excited for him to have this chance to move into a beautiful new building in a great location close to Minnehaha Falls where he can ride his bike and go for walks, and take the light rail to get to work.

I love the work I do because we help create healthy homes for people like my friend Fred, and because we develop them in partnership with really wonderful people of faith in the neighborhood.  I had the privilege of working to develop Riverview with the great folks like Nancy and Wanda and Kat and Janet (and many others that I won’t go on naming!) from Minnehaha United Methodist Church and Lake Nokomis Lutheran Church.  These two neighborhood faith communities understand that you don’t just preach the gospel, you’ve got to put it into practice too.  So when they saw a need for more affordable housing in their neighborhood, they organized and got to work.  Over the course of several years of working together, we looked for a great location, worked hard to get neighborhood support, determined the architectural design, met with public officials, and so on.  Now, these two congregations are organizing to plant a garden, help with move-in’s, and they’re thinking about how they can provide a really warm welcome to my friend Fred and 41 other lucky seniors who will make Riverview Apartments a great place to live.  There are really so many people to thank.  I’ll have to tell Fred.

 - Jenny Mason, Congregational Partnership Organizer