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I Want Bonds that Build Homes - Part II
April 3, 2018

As an elementary English language teacher at a school that has an economically diverse student population, I see the impact of the lack of affordable housing on my students and their families. Just last week I was conferencing with a mother whose family will be forced to leave my district because there are no affordable, larger apartments or houses available. This family is one of many that I have worked with over the past three years: immigrant and low income families working low wage jobs, struggling to find affordable homes. Even families with federal housing vouchers are often unable to find affordable housing because few landlords will accept housing vouchers. It is heartbreaking to watch parents who want housing stability for their children unable to provide it.

Affordable housing is a complex issue. Action is needed on many fronts: we need to build more affordable homes, maintain the affordable housing in the current stock, and provide services to those who are currently without adequate housing.

The Bonds that Build Homes campaign is one way that I am supporting affordable housing. The goal of the initiative is to promote the inclusion of 140 million dollars for affordable housing in the legislative  bonding bill. I encourage you to join me and other people of faith in this campaign!


Rebecca Phelan
Edina Morningside Community Church (UCC)

Rebecca Phelan
Rebecca is a congregational leader at Edina Morningside Community Church (UCC), a congregation actively engaged in Beacon's Bonds that Build Homes campaign.