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Last round-up of 2014
December 23, 2014

We spent some time gathering these stories so all you need to do is click and read. Some bare facts here as well as some heartwarming soul food.

The Southwest Journal presents a fine series on family homelessness in Minneapolis – looking at the impact of homelessness on students, the need and availability of shelters and the growing demand for family-sized affordable housing. There are solutions, and there is a lot the ordinary citizen can do to help end homelessness.

Minnesota Budget Project goes a little wider, putting some numbers to the housing affordability crisis in Minnesota.

"In every county, renter households are more likely to confront budget-straining housing costs. In 79 counties, at least one in three renting households is cost-burdened."

“Cost-burdened” means that spending on housing is more than 30 percent of household income. (For many low-income renters it’s closer to 50 percent.) See a map of the state to locate the most cost-burdened areas.

This Huffington Post subject lives nowhere near Minneapolis or Minnesota but this exchange is SO heartwarming. The kindness of strangers times two.

CityLab’s story of Charles, who has emerged from long-term homelessness, could have been written about any number of people who live in Beacon’s supportive housing such as Lydia Apartments and American House. It illustrates the importance of Housing First – the idea that if you meet people’s need for stable, safe housing without putting too many restrictions on them, they can begin to tend to their mental and physical health and reclaim their lives.