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Meet the Staff: Allison Johnson
April 15, 2014

Meet the Staff is a monthly feature. This month, get to know Allison Johnson, congregational partnership organizer. (She's in the middle in the photo at right.) 

How long have you worked at Beacon (or any of its previous incarnations)?
Three years. 

Describe your job - not necessarily your official job description but what you really do every day.
I work with leaders in congregations and support them in their vision to create affordable housing in their communities. On a day to day basis, I get to talk and plan with really amazing leaders about building relationships, events, fundraising, political advocacy—essentially, how to get things done with people power. 

Why do you like working here?
No two days are the same, and that’s challenging and exciting. I am privileged to guide as well as learn from passionate people. I also love driving around Minneapolis and St. Paul and seeing the buildings that we own and operate, thanks to the congregations who support and guide our housing development work. 

What’s one thing you are most proud of about your work? 
I’m proud of how we’ve gathered, over the last two years, hundreds of people of faith to learn about and act on the issue of suburban youth homelessness. 

What kind of job would you have if you weren’t so busy helping to end homelessness?
I would  be a restaurant critic. Dining out is my favorite form of entertainment, and I could spend hours plotting out which restaurants to try next! On my short list right now: Chef Shack Ranch, The Rabbit Hole, and Union Fish Market. 

What is your favorite book, movie, comedian, play, sport, pastime?
My favorite sport is swimming- both to watch and to do. I love the feeling of freedom that swimming provides, and I thrive off of individual competition. It’s part of the reason I decided to try triathlons as a sport, and I’m hoping to complete my third tri this summer. 

What is something that most people don’t know about you? 
The TV character that I am most similar to is Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation.