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Meet the Staff: Kristin Gilbert
February 25, 2015

Meet the Staff is a monthly feature on the Homewords blog. This month meet Kristin Gilbert, Beacon's administrative and development assistant. [She's in front, in blue with sunglasses, at the State Fair with Beacon colleagues last year.]

How long have you worked at Beacon (or any of its previous incarnations)?

One year and a few months.

Describe your job - not necessarily your official job description but what you really do every day.

I wear many hats, working in two departments: advancement, as well as finance and administration. I keep our database records orderly and up-to-date, manage daily gift entry and thank our generous supporters. I get to do a little bit of social media and website updating. I manage the trouble-shooting of office equipment (mail machine problems, anyone?), and am responsible for processing our accounts payable and keeping our office supplies stocked.

Why do you like working here?

I love working with fellow employees, supporters, and volunteers who are all striving for a common goal – ending homelessness. Beacon employees care about their work, our tenants and shelter guests, our supporters and leaders, and each other. I get to work with people who have so much energy and passion to share and who really care about making our community a better place and advocating for our neighbors.

What’s one thing you are most proud of about your work?

It’s great to know I’m doing the behind-the-scenes work that contributes to a greater purpose—providing shelter, creating homes and advocating for affordable housing-- alongside fellow staff members and Beacon leaders.

What kind of job would you have if you weren’t so busy helping to end homelessness?

I would probably be adventuring - growing organic food abroad or guiding canoe trips in the Boundary Waters. Or maybe I would be a food blogger, that could be fun.

What is your favorite book, movie, comedian, play, sport, pastime?

I love to spend time with friends and family, discover new restaurants and cafes and go for outdoor runs. I enjoy time spent brewing kombucha and experimenting with flavor combinations as well as perfecting my pancake creations (pumpkin chocolate chip with walnuts is my favorite so far). I enjoy engaging with my North Minneapolis neighborhood, gardening in the community garden and making pizzas with neighbors at the community bread oven.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I’m a volunteer mediator with the Conflict Resolution Center, which means I co-mediate community conflicts as well as restorative justice cases.

I still drive the same car I bought when I was seventeen.

I am a Lutheran Volunteer Corps alum.