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New stats on homeless children
November 20, 2012

Numbers just released by Minneapolis Public Schools indicate a 1.3 percent increase in homelessness among Minneapolis children from July 1, 2011- June 30, 2012.


Among the statistics:

  • 6,452 children in Mpls were homeless or highly mobile, up 1.3 percent from prior year.
  • Of those, 3,636 were enrolled in Minneapolis Public Schools, or 8.9 percent of enrollment. The daily average was 1,800 students.
  • 72 percent were current Minneapolis residents; 15 percent from the suburbs or St. Paul; 13 percent new to the city and region.
  • 75.2 percent African American; 10.5 percent White; 7.1 percent Native American; 4.1 percent Hispanic American; 3.1 percent Asian American.

The federal McKinney-Vento law requires that school districts serve children who are homeless or highly mobile including by providing transportation allowing students to maintain school continuity when they move outside the school district to an emergency shelter or other temporary residence. Families Moving Forward staff work closely with school district staff in Minneapolis and other districts to coordinate transportation and other support for guest families' children.