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Our Hope for the Future
September 25, 2017


This fall, Beacon is introducing our new Strategic Framework.

This Framework is our hope for the future, our dream for all people, our prayer to our God. It starts with this vision: all people have a home.

We believe it's important that all people have a home because we believe all people are valuable and deserve respect. We believe that all people have a right to a quality affordable home. We believe stable homes will transform lives and communities. At the end of the day, when all people have a home, everyone benefits.

Beacon's role in making this happen is our mission:  As a collaborative of congregations united in action we create homes and advance equitable housing.

This new framework was created over the past year through interviews with clergy and by listening to congregational leaders at two convenings where we shared the immense need for affordable homes.

Key themes emerged from these the congregational conversations that have been carefully woven into the strategic framework. One is that that people of faith feel called to do something about homelessness. Another is that we will work to understand and address the impact of race on who has homes.  Its essential that we engage more people of color in this work.

Congregations also affirmed that we will only ensure all people have a home if we take on public policies to grow the public resources available for housing. We must work together to make it all happen.

So what are Beacon congregations committing to with this new framework?

They are committing to work on our strategic priorities.  First, housing, policy and shelter.   This sounds familiar, but the difference is our new commitment to creating MORE housing, and doing MORE policy work, while putting an ever bigger focus on people with the lowest incomes, and those who have been homeless. How will we do this? It will happen in three ways.  First, we will invest in our congregations to build a more powerful collaborative. Second, we will emphasize racial equity in all that Beacon does. Finally, we will invest in infrastructure to support the collaborative.

Beacon congregations are invited to be part of choosing where and for whom  Beacon will create homes, selecting the policy issues the collaborative will pursue, and determining how we will make sure Beacon’s shelter program is meeting the needs of the community.

Congregations will continue to gather at convenings to grapple with housing, shelter and policy needs.  These convenings are at the heart of our collective work, as we grow in relationship and work to fulfill our vision that all people have a home.

You can download a copy of our new Framework by clicking here.

Deb Carlson
Deb Carlson is the Chair of the Beacon Board. She is a member of St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in Maple Grove, MN.