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Pool Party Pete
April 7, 2016

By Sakinah Mujahid  |  Have you ever moved houses or offices? OMG! There is so much to do, so much planning that comes along with moving a program center from one location to another location, and no matter how much you planned, something is bound to get missed. 

Well you guessed it, I missed it. 

I missed the energy the children at Families Moving Forward have when parents are working, and all the adults are boxing up things, sorting what stays or what goes, coordinating volunteers. The children were doing well and were trying to stay out of the way by working together and playing together.  However there was one hiccup: They needed supervision to go over to the YMCA since some of them were under the age of 11. 

You can only imagine the exhaustion the parents felt from working all night and fulfilling the program obligations. Then I received a call from a Metro State student, Pete Wollan, saying he needs hours for his social justice class. He sounded full of energy and ready to get feet wet (literally) after I suggested taking our children to the pool to burn off energy. He starts laughing and says he can possibly find some old swim trunks and he will be there. 

I told the children, parents and host coordinator of Shepherd of the Lake about him coming in. Children screamed with excitement, parents sighed a relief sigh and the host coordinator just smiled and said, “We welcome him.” 

When he came in the children looked up at this 6 feet 2 inches guy and said, “We are ready to go swimming!” before he was able to take his jacket off. He smiled and with all his energy took the children over. When he came back he was still smiling and said, “I am beat, but it was great!” 

I was relieved to hear he survived and even was willing to return to help us paint at the new location.  

Ed. note: Pete Wollan's name is spelled correctly in this version of the post.

Sakinah Mujahid
Sakinah is associate program manager for Families Moving Forward-Southwest.