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Summer fun keeps everyone happy
June 21, 2016

By Sasoniea Atkins  |  As you all know, it is summer time, and there are many children who are currently in our program without summer plans or activities to keep them busy. (Related issues: the "summer slide" phenomenon; summer hunger when kids can't eat school lunch; rising poverty suburban poverty rates.)

Anyway, that is a recipe for a very noisy and overactive program center. However, we have a new way to boost summer fun for the children in the program while keeping some more calm in our space.

On June 15 I had the pleasure of meeting with Tom Redman and Kathy Skinner, director and assistant director, respectively, of the Chaska Community Center. They were already familiar with Families Moving Forward because they offer their facility to our families during the hosting week for Shepherd of the Hill Presbyterian Church. After meeting with them we were able to form an ongoing partnership much like the one that we had with the YMCA of Prior Lake.

The families are able to use their facility free of charge for the time that they are guests here at Families Moving Forward. This gives the families many things to do to keep active and have fun this summer. I am more than excited for this opportunity.



Sasoneia Atkins
Sasoneia is the program center assistant at our Families Moving Forward Southwest program center in Chaska.