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Take the Next Step with Beacon Academy
February 15, 2018

You care about home. You want to make a difference. You know you can. Maybe what you don’t know is where or how to start.

Welcome to Beacon Academy.

Beacon Academy is a series of workshops designed with two goals in mind: to educate and to empower. Each course provides a different insight on Beacon’s work to ensure all people have a home, from what drives racial inequities in housing, to how Beacon homes get built, to how to have discussions with your legislators. Learning about the complex issue of affordable homes is a crucial first step, but we know that those steps lead to a desire to take action. Through Beacon Academy, you’ll discover ways to use your own voice and experience to cultivate change in your community.

Learning the landscape. Claiming your power. Getting homes built.
Guess it’s time to sign up for Beacon Academy, huh?

Find course descriptions and upcoming dates here.

Want to make an even bigger impact? Invite your friends or fellow congregants to join you!

Dan Gregory
Dan Gregory is Beacon's Strategic Communications Manager.