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Talking 'bout a resolution
December 31, 2015

By Kris Berggren | It’s time to talk about New Year’s resolutions.

Sorry, we really can’t help you lose 15 pounds -- but you know the one about making a difference? Giving back?

We can definitely help with that one.

Resolutions start with intention to act for some change. 

Intention –> action –> change.

How can we help you act on your intention to get involved to make positive change in your community? We offer strategies, education and information, and opportunities to act together with others for maximum impact to end homelessness.

You can act to serve people directly. Volunteers in more than 70 congregations welcome and serve parents and children in our Families Moving Forward shelter program who need help today to have a roof over their heads and food on the table, and tomorrow, to find a stable home. More hosting congregations are welcome in our Hennepin and Scott-Carver networks. Contact Kristin Gilbert if your congregation is interested in hosting families.

You can influence decision makers in our local and state governments. We plan monthly actions, including creative ways to share our message, plus calling, writing and visiting public officials. Then we report back to you about the results. Our legislative agenda is aligned with the Homes For All efforts, so your actions are coordinated with those of other advocates around the state for a powerful “ask.” Contact Michael Dahl to find out about our 2016 Beacon Citizen legislative agenda.

You can help housing get built. Are you someone who cares deeply about creating housing in your community? Do you want to invite others in your congregation to work together to make it happen? Consider joining our collaborative to live your faith community’s values and maximize your impact by working with others. Contact Deb Rodgers or Michael Ohama to have a conversation about getting involved and how being part of Beacon can benefit your congregation.

You can make a gift to end homelessness. We count on private donors – individuals, congregations, corporations and foundations – for more than $2 million of our annual $6.6 million budget. Your gift of any amount definitely allows you to make a difference in the most effective ways. We’ve earned the Charities Review Council’s Seal and the GuideStar Gold Seal because we meet their rigorous standards of operation, governance and use of finances.

Together, let’s make 2016 the best year yet for affordable housing in the Twin Cities.