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Teens need home
July 19, 2013

My kids both slept at home last night.

This might seem like a non-event, but for this mom who’s coping with the changes that come with having two teenagers, it was heaven. I relaxed in my bed knowing my children were only steps away. I knew they were safe. I slept more soundly than I have in weeks.

As my children grow older, I’m really proud to say they’re becoming more independent. They go places and do things on their own—everything from movies and sleep-overs to European tours. This is what I want for my children. I want them to experience new things, have great adventures, meet diverse people. And then, I want them to come home. Because I miss them. And, I  worry.

And then, I think about the kids who can’t go home tonight, who have no home to go to. Who is worrying about them? Who is losing sleep over the kids staying in cars, on friends’ couches and in port-a-potties?

We all share responsibility for these kids. It’s an outrage that almost 2,500 young people are homeless in Minnesota. All of our kids deserve the chance to experience new things, have great adventures, and meet diverse people—while knowing there is someone at home missing them, worrying, and cheering them on.

Beacon is committed to creating homes for young people where there are adults who care about them and support them in their efforts to become independent.  When this work is done, we'll all be able to sleep better.


Laura Vitelli
Laura is Beacon's director of advancement and the mother of two teenagers.