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From Thankfulness to Gratitude
November 27, 2017

During this time of year,  our hearts and minds turn to thankfulness. We’re so thankful for family and friends, food and shelter; for Home.  Thankfulness then deepens to gratitude. Gratitude for our loved ones and for the ability to forgo worry about basic needs. Gratitude for the safety and security we have in our lives. Gratitude for the peace and quiet—and sometimes joyous chaos—that home offers.  With that gratitude comes the ever-present knowledge that some of our neighbors are without these basic needs and comforts. 

It feels good to know that together we can do something about this. As a former co-chair of our annual fundraising luncheon Ending Homelessness Together, I’m especially grateful to the almost one thousand people who attended our luncheon this year. Each of you cared enough and gave enough to take a big step towards Beacon’s vision that all people have a home.  Gratitude. 

Sue Crabtree

Beacon Leader

Edina Community Lutheran Church

Sue Crabtree
Sue Crabtree was the past chairperson of the Ending Homelessness Together and is a member of Edina Community Lutheran Church in Edina.