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The Third Grader Who Made A Difference
December 19, 2017

Three years ago, a third grader at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Eden Prairie volunteered along with her parents during a Families Moving Forward hosting week.  This resulted in conversation at her home about people experiencing homelessness. Anna was moved to do something more to help. She came up with the idea of a craft sale to raise funds for Families Moving Forward, deciding to make bracelets and sell them at church.  Anna hoped to raise $100.  Instead, Anna’s congregation grabbed on to the idea and donated homemade crafts which resulted in about $2,800 in sales the first year.  Three years later, Immanuel Lutheran is still extremely supportive of Anna and her project. The sales continue to raise funds to support Families Moving Forward. Now as a 5th grader, Anna understands even more what a difference one person can make.

Anna and her family will continue to volunteer during Immanuel's hosting weeks as often as they can.  We salute Anna and thank her for the good work she has done to help families out of homelessness.  

Note: Anna is on the right in the photo above.  Thanks to Immanuel Lutheran for allowing us to use this photo.

Sakinah Mujahid
Sakinah is the Program Director of Families Moving Forward in Hennepin and Scott/Carver Counties.