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We All Have A Stake In the Outcome
October 16, 2017

I love to welcome friends, family, and acquaintances to Ending Homelessness Together (EHT) because of the opportunity to share Beacon's story with caring people. Many attend EHT because they support Beacon's mission to end homelessness, but so much more brings them to the table.  They are impressed by Beacon's collaborative approach to problem solving -- involving staff, volunteers, clergy, congregations - and most importantly -- clients.  They leave EHT with a genuine feeling that all of us are working together to achieve a better community.  And they have an understanding that we all have a stake in the outcome.


Many of the same people who attend EHT also participate when our congregation, Temple Israel, hosts Families Moving Forward families multiple times a year.  The time they spend with our guests is truly rewarding as they learn about each other’s hopes and dreams. Of course, they bring their children to share some fun activities with our guests’ children. What a beautiful way to erase the stigma of homelessness and build a bond of trust and cooperation between people.


And did I mention that they are impressed with Beacon as an organization?  They meet people (both staff and volunteers) who are hardworking, respectful, organized, punctual, and  stewards of Beacon's financial and human assets. I am thrilled to welcome the people joining me at EHT, and everyone else attending the luncheon.

Larry Schoenfeld
Larry Schoenfeld is a host coordinator at Temple Israel for Beacon’s Families Moving Forward program and is co-chair of Ending Homelessness Together 2017.