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Why do you believe in home?
November 20, 2012

Home to me is where I feel a sense of place and a part of a community. Home to me isn’t just a house, apartment or dwelling. Home is knowing when I walk down my street, I will run into people I know or I’ll be greeted warmly by a neighbor I’ve never met. It’s knowing that people around me are looking out for one another. I believe everyone deserves to feel part of something larger than themselves. Home is a retreat, too – a place where I can hunker down and recharge. But it’s also a launching pad into the rest of the community. The stability of home allows me to go out into the world and make a difference for others.

- Allison Johnson, Congregational Partnership Organizer (pictured below)

Beacon’s tagline sums up our calling quite nicely:

“We Believe in Home”

We believe in home because home provides us with shelter as well as a sense of belonging to a community.

At Beacon, “We Believe in Home” for everyone.

This is not just a dream, but an achievable reality. We know we can end homelessness.

We know how to build quality affordable housing and provide services so vulnerable households can live as independently as possible.

And, we know that allowing problems to devolve into homelessness is much more costly than addressing those problems after the stability of housing has disappeared.

Achieving housing for all will take some hard work. This includes asking elected officials to do their part in creating policies and providing funding to develop affordable housing.

Wait! Don’t stop reading!

Don’t get scared! Don’t say, “Oh that lobbying thing, that’s not for me.”

Today, I just want you to think about and share your feelings about why you believe in home. Write it down.

You may not believe it now, but that belief in home is all you need to become an advocate for ending homelessness. Beacon will support you with the other things you’ll need (e.g. statistics on homelessness, legislative lingo, etc.).

But for today, just tell us:

Why do you believe in home?

Read Allison’s statement (above) again if you need inspiration. We’ll be posting more examples - long ones, short ones, poetic ones, prosaic ones.

Email your thoughts to me at mdahl@porticocollaborative.org.

- Michael Dahl, Advocacy Coordinator