Looking for housing

Although we develop and own housing, we do not handle rental inquiries or applications at our administrative office. You may view Beacon housing and contact property managers listed to find out if there are openings, and if so, how to apply.

We suggest the following housing resources in our area: 

If you are in need of an apartment, please call the Housing Resource Network at 612-879-5266 or check out Housing Link: www.housinglink.org.

If you have an emergency need for shelter, please call the Shelter Hotline at 1-888-234-1329.

If you have children under 18 and need shelter now:

In Hennepin County, call 612-348-9410, or go in person to the Hennepin County shelter team at Century Plaza, 330 South 12th Street in Minneapolis. Hours: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm. After hours, call 211. You may request our Families Moving Forward program. However, we cannot guarantee that space will be available. 

In Ramsey County, call Coordinated Access to Housing and Shelter, 651-215-2262. 

In Scott or Carver counties call the shelter openings line of Families Moving Forward-Southwest: 952-230-2941.