Who We Are

Beacon is a collaborative of congregations committed to making sure all people have a home.

Together, we build homes.
Together, we shelter families.
Together, we impact policy. 

Together, we act on our faith to build stronger communities. We hope you'll join us in this amazing work. 


Our Vision

All people have a home.


Our Mission

As a collaborative of congregations united in action we create homes and advance equitable housing.


We Affirm

  • All people are valuable and deserve respect
  • Our many faiths call us to act to create more equitable communities
  • All people have a right to a quality affordable home
  • Quality affordable homes belong in all communities
  • Our society has the resources for all of us to have a home
  • Systemic racism causes housing inequities
  • Everyone will benefit when we all have homes
  • Stable homes transform lives and communities


We Value

Collaboration - we are more powerful when we work together
Risk-taking - we take personal, public, and financial risks in the fight for justice
Race Equity - we are called to overcome the systemic racism that causes housing inequities
Inclusive decision-making - we make better decisions when we have diverse perspectives and backgrounds



Download a PDF of our Strategic Framework here.