Stephanie loves her full-time job as a receptionist at the American Indian OIC. She is proud of how she's improved her parenting skills. She is proud she can provide for her four-year-old daughter. She is committed to her sobriety.

But flash back a few years and her dreams were clouded by some destructive habits and relationships. Her world began to turn when she became a mother -- but it took help and a stable home to move Stephanie toward the choices that more fully reflect who she is and who she wants to become.

Stephanie says her outlook has gone from "grim" to open and optimistic, a direct result of having a home with the kind of support she needed to set goals, stay sober, exit an abusive relationship and complete her education. She found that support through Beacon and The Division of Indian Work, our service partner at Anpa Waste Numpa. 

After she shared her story at our recent Ending Homelessness Together luncheon, guests gave her a standing ovation. That enthusiasm was a fitting celebration of her courage and progress and a testimony to the strenght of the circle of support created by everyone who makes housing reality for Stephanie and more than 700 other people who have found their way home through Beacon.