Dan loves to cook--Italian and Mexican are his favorite cuisines-- and now that he's living at Kimball Court, he has a new kitchen where he can practice his culinary skills.

Before moving in, Dan had been homeless for four years. The strain of never knowing where he'd spend the night --a shelter (if he was lucky enough to get a bed for the night), a friend's couch, on the bus all night, or sometimes under a tree--led to great anxiety and depression. Dan describes this part of his life simply: "Hell."

Today relief is evident: "It feels like a great big weight has been lifted off of my chest. I feel a sense of belonging somewhere and security again. After being homeless for so many years, you lose that. I'm starting to gain that again," Dan shared.

Dan's future looks bright and he's happy to have a place to be safe and belong -- and to figure out what to cook for dinner.

Photo credit: Chris Bohnhoff