Denise Ellis

Denise Ellis, Ambassador and Tour Manager
651. 789. 6260 ext. 229

Denise Ellis, wants to see homelessness end and has a thunderous passion for making it happen.  Denise is a Minnesota original, with family for three generations here in the Twin cities. Social justice is her passion. The reality of hardship, homelessness and injustice have made her more determined to consistently seek innovative and effective ways to end homelessness,  help people cope with maintaining compassion, and stay motivated on the way to home!  For 7 years, Denise has been awakening the spirit of laughter in healing, energetic sessions as a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, and brings her big laugh to Beacon! Her latest love interest is Cashmere, her new pup!  Crisis triage has taught her the bottom line to ending homelessness, is more resources, to help more people. Denise is a graduate of St Catherine University, St. Paul MN, B.A. Communications. To whom much is given, much is required and Denise is a blessed warrior of social justice, standing in the gap for those experiencing homelessness.