Wish List

We appreciate the generosity of all of you who care about your neighbors in need. We strive to be good stewards of our resources. Thank you for understanding that we cannot accept donations of items we can't use or store. 

Our wish list

  • 8 more Angel Donors to sponsor homes for homeless youth at 66 West - 31 have already stepped forward and we seek one Angel Donor for each of the 39 apartments there.
  • More hosting congregations in both our Hennepin and Scott-Carver networks to cover the five weeks that are still blank on the Families Moving Forward hosting schedule.
  • Public funding for the services that change lives for our tenants and shelter guests who must heal from the trauma of homelessness, find meaningful work and achieve stable housing.
  • Your online donation in any amount to support families, youth and adults in our shelter and housing. Please email Elodie Lee or call her at 651-789-6260 x200 if you have questions about giving to Beacon.