Lighting The Way Home

Dylan Novacek October 9, 2020

Written by Clara Lind – Donor Experience Manager

On September 29, 100 of us gathered in a new way with Beacon’s first-ever Light The Way Home event. This virtual fundraiser, while similar to our beloved Ending Homelessness Together events of the past, was an event uniquely designed for our new virtual world.

We were able to hear directly from Beacon’s President & CEO, Lee Blons, about the Beacon’s policy initiatives, and how we are taking bold steps to conquer the current housing crisis. Our historic legislation, titled Bring It Home, Minnesota, will provide much-needed rent subsidies for all Minnesotans, and is a key component to our overall vision: a world where all people have a home.

We heard from Daymond Dean, a current sustaining donor. He shared why he gives to Beacon and why our mission means so much to him. We heard from Pastor Meta Herrick Carlson, who offered an original poem titled “These Wings Called Home”, which you can read below. And we heard from Clifton, a young artist living at Nicollet Square, who shared what home means to him.

I left the event feeling more energized than I have in the past few months! While we live in times that encourage us to disconnect and withdraw from togetherness, Light The Way Home allowed us a chance to connect on a deeper level. This time spent together allowed me to truly feel a unification between our new policy work and our broad of supporters.

The pledge forms and online gifts continue to come in, but we’re already happy to welcome 20 new sustaining donors to Beacon. We’re off to a great start to reach our goal of 50 by the end of next year, and we know this is a critical step to ensure our ability to make broad change to fix systems of injustice. Thank you!

It was an afternoon hearing powerful stories, connecting to neighbors, and standing in solidarity with individuals who experience housing injustice. If this sounds like an event that you would like to attend, consider registering for our next Light The Way Home event on Thursday, December 3 at 4:00 p.m.

In the meantime, Beacon Now is a great way to introduce others to Beacon’s current housing developments and forthcoming projects. We look forward to connecting with you!

These Wings Called Home

This blessing is like the wings

of a mother hen, stretched and

gathering to shield the brood

with fierce and loyal grit for

the ones entrusted to her good care.

Her body is a simple miracle,

warm and sure location for being together, cure for weary ones hunted and shuffled.

She makes their welfare her business,

her strong breast a shield for us all.

This blessing is stretching and gathering.

It knows we belong to each other

and will not rest while some are left

without place and priority, excused from mercy’s wings and the justice of home.