Mission & Values

All people have a home

Our Vision

All people have a home.

Our Mission

As a collaborative of congregations united in action we create homes and advance equitable housing.

We Affirm

  • All people are valuable and deserve respect
  • Our many faiths call us to act to create more equitable communities
  • All people have a right to a quality affordable home
  • Quality affordable homes belong in all communities
  • Our society has the resources for all of us to have a home
  • Systemic racism causes housing inequities
  • Everyone will benefit when we all have homes
  • Stable homes transform lives and communities

We Value

Collaboration – we are more powerful when we work together
Risk-taking – we take personal, public, and financial risks in the fight for justice
Race Equity – we are called to overcome the systemic racism that causes housing inequities
Inclusive decision-making – we make better decisions when we have diverse perspectives and backgrounds

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Your Gift Matters...Take Action For Home!

When you make a donation to Beacon you are saying that you believe in home. Help us create new homes, shelter families, and work towards our vision that all people have a home.