What We Do

Imagine ours is a community where all people have a home.

Imagine ours is a community where all people have a home.

For Beacon, we don’t just see it: we’re creating it. We look at the full picture. A community where every person has a place to call their own that they can afford. A community that makes sure resources and caring advocates are right there as people seek stability and next steps. A community where families have neighbors to walk with them when they lose their home. A community where people of faith raise their voices to challenge injustices and shape systems that work for everyone.

What does Beacon do? We are transforming our community. Together.

Click on any of the blue boxes below to learn how we’re creating communities where all people have a home.

Create New Homes

Developing affordable, supportive homes for those with the lowest incomes.

Sustain Stable Homes

Providing support services that help people thrive where they are.

Shelter Families

Offering shelter and transitional assistance for families in crisis.

Change Systems

Impacting systems to establish a world where home is a solid foundation.

We Are Ready

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