Change Systems

Impacting systems to establish a world where home is a solid foundation.

Look around. Our current system isn’t working for everybody. Too many of us are paying more than we can afford for home, while slipping further and further behind. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Just as people created the current system, so, too, can we be the ones to change it. Our faiths call us to focus investment on the people who are most vulnerable in our society. We raise our voices in solidarity with those who are experiencing homelessness and those with the lowest incomes to make sure they don’t get left behind. We organize around our values to remind lawmakers that we expect them to prioritize housing as an indispensable part of a strong, prosperous community.

Together, we’re changing the conversation – and policies – at the local, regional, and state level to be about the abundance of our society and a commitment to making sure it is enjoyed by everyone. Because we all benefit when we all have a home.

Learn more about our policy work.

Learn more about Minnesota’s Worsening Rental Crisis.

Learn more about Bring It Home, Minnesota – rent subsidy that will bring housing stability to all of us.

Ready to get your congregation involved? Contact Deb to discuss next steps.

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