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See why supportive housing works

The best way to learn about the work Beacon does is to see it for yourself! But, in a COVID-19 world the health and safety of our resident rules that out. The second best way to learn about our work, however, is to attend a half hour Beacon Now: Virtual Tour! At each Beacon Now session we cover the basics of our work to ensure that all people have a home, and go in depth on that aspect of our work. These topics generally change each month and may focus on a particular building, campaign, style of housing, etc…

Beacon Now is scheduled every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m., but can also be set up to fit a group’s schedule. Either way, whether you’re brand new to Beacon or have been a supporter for years, there is something for you to learn at Beacon Now!

Click here to register for a Beacon Now: Virtual Tour, or contact Craig to schedule a group session.

Click here to register for a Beacon Now: Virtual Tour

Contact Craig to learn more or schedule a group tour.

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