Engage My Congregation

Living our faith in real and impactful ways

Does your congregation believe in creating a better world?

Does your faith teach that standing up, being a good neighbor, and investing in the people around you matters? Is your congregation looking for ways to go deeper in your connection with your community and one another?

If the vision that all people have a home seems like something your congregation would want to be a part of achieving, we’d love to talk with you.

Beacon is a collaborative of nearly 100 congregations, each of which has found a role to play in making this vision a reality. We come from a wide variety of traditions, religions, sizes, locations, and experiences. But all of our faiths call us into action. We work together and grow together and learn together and raise our voices together for the sake of a more compassionate and just Minnesota. We open our fellowship halls and classrooms and cook hot meals as we shelter families in crisis. We turn out for city council meetings and write postcards to our legislators. We make sure residents have sheets, spatulas, and laundry soap for that first night in their new apartment. We live out our faith in real and impactful ways.  

And we have a seat at the table saved just for you.

Your congregation is invited to spend some time in conversation with one of our organizers. Let’s get to know each other better! We’d love to talk about if Beacon’s vision and values are something you’d like to support.

Contact Deb to get started.

Leaders from four Beacon congregations share about the benefits of collaborating to ensure all people have a home. Can you see yourself, your congregation, in their stories?

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