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Being in the room matters

Being in the room matters.

It may look like showing up for conversations with an elected official to say you support an end to homelessness. That may mean turning out during critical city council or legislative votes. Or maybe it’s attending the launch of a new building. Being in the room matters, because your voice matters. Beacon offers a wide variety of events where you can lift up your voice to make a difference for our community. We hope you’ll attend one of our upcoming actions and add your voice to our growing movement.

Your presence has power. When you attend a Beacon event, you help forward our vision that all people have a home.

Dwelling in Hope Action Card

Rent Is Due: Day of Action

The pandemic and economic crisis are building into an eviction crisis, which could add to the already too large number of people experiencing unsheltered homelessness. We cannot let this happen, and home is the solution. We need Bring it Home, MN, a rent subsidy program that will allow all low-income Minnesotans the security and reassurance of home.

On the first weekday of each month join us at 8:30 a.m. for a thirty-minute update meeting, where we will learn more about the growing crisis, reflect together over instructions on how to take action together.

We are committed to holding a Rent is Due: Day of Action every month, so please mark your calendars for the rest of the year. We plan on having this event the first of the month, except when it lands on the weekend.

We look forward to joining with you to take action for our neighbors.

Beacon Now: Weekly Virtual Tours

Whether you’re brand new to Beacon or have been a supporter for years, we invite you to attend a virtual “Beacon Now” session every Wednesday. We’ll touch on the basics of Beacon’s work, go in depth on one aspect of that work, and discuss how we can make a difference for our neighbors now. Encampments of neighbors without a home are again growing. Racial disparities in housing continue to harm communities of color. 

RSVP for our November sessions. These sessions will cover the status of Bimosedaa in Minneapolis, and the actions you can take to get these desperately needed homes built.

Upcoming Ways You Can Take Action:

Read more about some of our recent Beacon events:
-Connecting At Home: Jeopardy Event
-Safer With Home

Read more on the power of your presence. For a full list of events, click here

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Your Gift Matters...Take Action For Home!

When you make a donation to Beacon you are saying that you believe in home. Help us create new homes, shelter families, and work towards our vision that all people have a home.