It will take many voices and a lot of support to end homelessness

Become a Beacon Ambassador

It will take many voices and a lot of support to end homelessness. One of the best ways you can support our work is to share it with others! Ambassadors invite five to ten friends, coworkers, neighbors, or fellow congregants to come on a tour of one of our apartment buildings or shelter program centers. You’ll get to share why you want to see an end to homelessness here in the Twin Cities area. Your friends can learn about Beacon’s work, ask questions and see our programs firsthand. And together, you can help grow a circle of support to create and sustain homes, shelter families, and change systems for more equitable housing.

Ready to learn more? Contact Craig and ask about becoming an Ambassador.

Become a Community Builder

Community Builders are Beacon leaders who work to build financial and community support to end homelessness. You’ll be asked to invite 10 or more people who you think might be passionate about ending homelessness to join you at our free annual fundraising luncheon in October. You won’t have to ask your guests for money – it’s our job to share the vision and inspire generosity. As a Community Builder, you get to share your story of why this work matters to you and why you’ve chosen to support Beacon.

Interested? Questions? Contact Clara to discuss next steps.

Lead Within Your Congregation

So much of the work we do happens right in our congregations. Here, relationships are formed, conversations unfold, and hands are raised to help out. In your congregation, there are opportunities to lead in supporting Beacon’s mission:

  • Be part of a Beacon Leadership Team. Members of this team engage other members of their congregation in Beacon campaigns to create homes and change systems and to shelter families. Teams help to create a relational, action-oriented culture in their congregation around the vision that all people have a home. They promote Beacon Academy courses and identify and engage people with energy and leadership potential.
  • Volunteer when your congregation hosts families. Set up rooms, put sheets and blankets on beds, cook a hot meal, wash dishes, organize children’s activities – there’s always a lot to do when you’re hosting families overnight through our shelter program!
  • Sponsor a donation drive. Families coming in to our shelter program or someone moving into their apartment often need some basics to start their next chapter off well. Congregations make sure items like diapers, towels, spatulas, pillowcases, shampoo, and laundry baskets are available on day one.

Ready to see how you can help? Contact your Congregational Organizer to discuss next steps:

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