A Breath of Stability: At Home With Clifton

Dylan Novacek September 30, 2020

Video production by Dylan Novacek, Content Specialist

“Home is relaxing, mysterious…and breath taking.”

Creating artwork, making music, and looking at the world through a unique lens; Clifton is passionate about where he is headed in life. His artful personality, coupled with his ambitious nature, has made Clifton realize how important and breath-taking home is.

When we first met Clifton earlier this year, he shared how his home at Nicollet Square has given him a breath of stability. Recently, we had the opportunity to follow up with him on his journey. As a part of our Light The Way Home virtual fundraising event, Clifton shared his perspective on what positive outcomes come from a stable home.

“Wherever 10 years is from now, I am going to look back at myself and say you did it,” Clifton said with a sigh of relief. “Thank you for not giving up.”

Reflecting on the long journey home, Clifton opens up about who he is, where he’s going, and how it was all made easier thanks to finding home.

As a young artist, for him having a stable home has meant that his creativity and aspirations can flourish – and he wants others to have that same opportunity too. Watch this short video on Clifton’s experience at Nicollet Square and learn how home can be transformative.

Read Clifton’s first Beacon blog story here. Watch more on his journey here.

We are thankful to have had Clifton share his voice at our first Light The Way Home virtual fundraising event. We believe we have the power, if we join our voices together, to see that all people have a home. It takes a growing collaborative to push this important work forward.

Are you interested in taking action for home and growing our collaborative? Join us at our next virtual fundraising event, and invite a friend. Learn more at