Safer With Home

Dylan Novacek April 10, 2020

On April 7, Beacon hosted “Safer With Home”, an online conversation with Saint Paul legislators on housing. Pivoting to online rallies and finding new ways to advocate for home has been a success as we continue taking bold steps forward!

Kathy Lamp wrote a few words on her experience with this event, and how this advocacy work has energized the east metro congregations…

Beacon’s base is growing in the east metro as new congregations catch hold of our vision. Among those engaged are Unity Unitarian, The House of Hope Presbyterian, Olivet Congregational, and Central Presbyterian. We have felt tremendous support from Beacon staff through trainings and other engagement building activities. Together, we seek, rally and focus our passions to see that all people have a home.

This winter we began working with Elizabeth Tannen, our Beacon Congregational Organizer, and Ben Helvick Anderson, Beacon’s Director of Public Policy, to organize an In District legislative meeting. Beacon is taking bold steps in statewide advocacy to end homelessness and housing instability. We’re thrilled to be supporters in this!

For us, the opportunity to be a part of this advocacy created a common bond between all congregations. Working towards a common goal that all people have a home engaged our congregations and strengthened our commitment to Beacon’s legislative goals.

Reverend Lisa Friedman of Unity Unitarian hosted a series of meeting where members of congregations planned for and aspired to a gathering of 100 people from our congregations. We were prepared for an event where we would hear from St. Paul legislators to pledge their support for Beacon’s policy goals.

Due to COVID-19, we had to pivot to a virtual meeting – a “first” for many of us. The In District meeting became the “Safer With Home” gathering.  The event was fun, it was informative, it was successful! The planning, the organizing, the meetings toward a single goal – the April 7 event – laid a strong foundation that will sustain us and keep us connected as we continue to build commitment within our individual congregations and externally to more east metro congregations to end homelessness and housing instability.

Coming together online during a time where we can’t physically be together was energizing. This is important work for all of us, and we’re excited to continue forward. Through the power of the collaborative, we work towards Beacon’s vision that all people have a home.

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