Common Good For All Of Us

Dylan Novacek August 31, 2020

Bob and Sharon are helping to create news homes, like at Prairie Pointe which will serve fellow Carver and Scott County families.

Donor Advised Fund Spotlight, Written by Clara Lind and Sarah Mollet Staiger

“It’s worthwhile to give money now. To be a part of the work and the story.”

Bob and Sharon of Carver County have been following and giving to Beacon for years, with involvement ranging from attending events, donating regularly, and helping to organize support for affordable housing in Carver County.

They have lived modestly throughout their lives and always place a high value on giving back when they could. They’ve set aside money in a donor advised fund (DAF), which served as a charitable investment account, allowing them to give back to the community in later years.

Bob looked down at his new driver’s license and was reminded of his age. He was reminded that those years are happening now! Together, Bob and Sharon made the decision to give the majority of their DAF to four organizations that align with their values – and they decided not to wait – they could make a difference now.

Growing up in working class homes, Bob and Sharon see the barriers that stand in the way of home for many of our neighbors. They recognize the impact stable housing has on children and families. With the pandemic, the inequities our neighbors of color face are more apparent than ever.

As an advocate for racial justice, Sharon’s work with organizations like Beacon has refined and focused her own values. Sharon immediately recognized that in times like these, nonprofits will be some of the first to respond to the needs of community and will need the financial resources to make our work possible.

When considering the organizations where they would donate their DAF, Sharon thought back to a tour of Nicollet Square that she attended and remembered the importance of home, stability, and services for our neighbors – especially in times like these.

“Common good is good for all of us. Create the world you want to live in,” she exclaimed.

This spring, Bob and Sharon made their most generous gift yet by choosing to donate their DAF rather than waiting and doling it out slowly. Bob realied that he wanted to see the fruits of his gifts to Beacon and the community, and the need for stability in our community loomed larger than ever.

So they took action. And you can too. By considering this moment, your vales, and what percentage of your charitable funds should be put to work in the community with organizations you’re passionate about.

In times of great need, lies the opportunity for great change. Will we collectively take that opportunity? Will you? Bob and Sharon hope you do, and want you to know that you won’t be alone.

Your Gift Matters...Take Action For Home!

When you make a donation to Beacon you are saying that you believe in home. Help us create new homes, shelter families, and work towards our vision that all people have a home.