Give To The Max Day 2020

Dylan Novacek November 19, 2020

Give to the Max Day is one of Minnesota’s biggest fundraising days of the year! We’re lucky here in Minnesota—we’re one of the largest hubs of nonprofit work in the country, and we think that’s something to celebrate by highlighting some of that important work. Our community thrives when we all work together as a cohesive nonprofit community, so these are some of the organizations our fundraising team has been celebrating this year!

Friends of St. Paul Library 

Sarah Staiger, Director of Advancement 

This giving season I added Friends of the St. Paul Library to my donation list. I can’t believe it’s taken so long. My favorite moment of every day is snuggling into bed with my whole family, including the very cuddly dog, and reading story books with the kids. Then, after they go off to bed, I pull out my novel (just finished So Big by Edna Ferber) or a gardening book and relax into sleep—at least until someone comes in crying. Even as a gardener, the point of greatest pride in my yard is my “Friend of the Library” sign!

Urban Homeworks 

Paul Vliem, Donor Engagement Officer 

I have been a long-time supporter and friend of the folks at Urban Homeworks.  I give to them because of their focus on my beloved Northside, their attention to housing as an outgrowth of their faith, and their deep reflections of how race equity and housing equity are intricately related.

Howling For Wolves 

Melanie Wilbur, Donor Relations Administrator 

I have been supporting Howling For Wolves since their inception because wolves are vital to maintaining the biodiversity and habitat in our northern woods and wolves hold a special place in my heart and in most indigenous people’s culture. The wolf is often revered and respected as a partner in keeping our earth a sustainable home. However, they are in danger of no longer receiving federal protections under the Endangered Species Act and are at risk of being hunted, trapped and poisoned again. Instead of stripping their protections, we should put more effort into a nonlethal coexistence between wolves and farmers and ranchers because the wolf is vital to the ecology of Minnesota.

Headwaters Foundation for Justice 

Elodie Lee, Donor Engagement Officer

Headwaters Foundation for Justice holds a special place for me personally and in community. I give to them because they are clear in prioritizing BIPOC-led organizing work throughout MN and they have joyfully invited me and so many into making collective and transformational gifts. Headwaters has been my connection and introduction to supporting the work and vision of CTUL, Inquilinxs Unidxs Por Justicia, Reviving Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment, Voices for Racial Justice and many others.

Twin Cities Catalyst Music 

Craig Freeman, Community Connection Manager 

Twin Cities Catalyst Music strives to give young people equitable access and opportunities in the Twin Cities music scene. Through its Burnsville venue, recording studio, and educational facility The Garage, and the soon to open St. Paul venue/educational facility The Treasury, Catalyst provides young Minnesotans access to attend and perform live music, develop meaningful skills, and cultivate their passions in a safe, alcohol free location. I have served on the Catalyst Board of Directors for 5 years and have witnessed up close how access to music can inspire and educate young Minnesotans.

Honor the Earth 

El Horsfall, Events Coordinator 

I give regularly to Honor the Earth as part of my commitment to making reparations and returning stewardship of the land to Native people. Honor the Earth stands out in particular because they both raise public awareness for Native environmental movements and raise funds for Native grassroots groups who are doing the work to change and protect the Earth.

Southside Harm Reduction Services 

Lauren Daumeller, Institutional Relationship Manager 

I’m honored to be able to support the work of Southside Harm Reduction Services because they were there for me and my South Minneapolis neighbors this summer when we were working to support hundreds of our unhoused neighbors in tent encampments in Powderhorn Park. They helped us know better how to keep our community safe and support those of us struggling the most with homelessness and addiction. Plus, all their services are free and their organization is entirely volunteer-led. This is what caring for each other looks like!

Northside Achievement Zone 

Clara Lind, Donor Experience Manager 

This season, I am donating to Northside Achievement Zone. My parents are both lifelong public educators, and from a young age I knew the importance of education. While I rolled my eyes at their passion for education growing up, I now realize the huge achievement gaps that exist between white students and students of color. NAZ works to close the achievement gap to end generational poverty in North Minneapolis.  While working at an education-based nonprofit a couple of years ago, I realized how stark the differences in funding and programming are in majority-white schools versus majority-non-white, which is why I choose to donate to an organization working to reverse those inequities.

White Bear Area Food Shelf

Erik Jacobson, Donor Engagement Officer 

It is unacceptable that in the wealthiest country on earth people struggle to have enough food to eat. White Bear Area Food Shelf serves 1,200 families each month primarily from the White Bear Lake area, but will serve anyone in need.

Ballet Co-Laboratory 

Laura Vitelli, Vice President of Advancement and Congregational Engagement 

My family has added Ballet Co-Laboratory to the organizations we support this year. The performing arts, especially dance, has always been important to us, and we know how hard the pandemic has been for arts organizations and performers. Ballet Co-Laboratory provides opportunities for students and professional dancers and great performances for the community. We’re happy to support them with contributions and by purchasing tickets to their shows.