Collaborative Action: The Power of Your Presence

Dylan Novacek July 27, 2020

A Reflection on What We Can Do Together – By Clara Lind, Donor Experience Manager

Earlier this month, more than 80 of you joined us on what I thought might be a small group conversation into the details of Beacon’s policy efforts. I was blown away by the support of our collaborative! Through the conversation Craig, Ben and I saw just how eager everyone is to take action for home.

Be apart of the conversation! Watch it here:

Ben led a valuable conversation where we shared the scope of our state-level policy work, the play-by-play analysis of what’s happen (and not happened) so far, as well as our goal to pass a bonding bill that supports homes.

It’s clear our supporters is passionate about our vision that all people have a home. Our collaborative is not back down! With your powerful voices and gifts of $3.9 million in support of our programs – we’re poised to make a huge difference for our neighbors this year.

We invite you to spread our mission to friends, neighbors, and coworkers so we can all take action together. Together we can grow our Beacon mission!

Will you invite one new person to join us for our next Rent Is Due: Day of Action event?

Rent Is Due: Day of Action – 

The first weekday of every month is an opportunity to unite with other Beacon leaders for Beacon’s policy goals. With your voices we were successful in getting emergency rental assistance for our neighbors in need. But we need to keep going as we work towards Bring It Home, Minnesota!

Register today and invite a friend! We can’t wait to connect with you virtually to share more about how we can reach our vision that all people have a home!